Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Grade 7 1956/57 Class Pic (Answers)

Names Anyone???

Front Row: Alan Kerr, Alan Kinsey David Harding, John Dorais, Karl
Jorgensen, Warren Snowden (Haltini), Ralph Bennett
2nd Row: Georgia Holland, Carol Rivers or Elinda Mayer, Millie Henry,
Yvonne De?, Brenda Fielding, Linda Alexander, Margaret McDonald, Carole
Lalanne, Galeanne Taylor.
3rd Row: Teacher John DeNora, Ron Mayer, George Vine, Roberta Penny,
Diane Gregory, Irene Highfield, Art Went, Brian Babb, ??
Top Row: Barry Reeves, Melvyn Stone, Billy Dunlop, David Fraser,
Richard Chapman, Roy Rootes, Ron Moores, Charley Comber, Fred Goodall.

Ralph B.
Hi Marty

Here are my guesses for the class picture of the day. It is not very clear on my screen so some may be real guesses.

Back row: Barry Reeves, Melvin Stone,--------, ---------, Richard Chapman, Roy Rootes, Ronnie Moores, Marston North

3rd row:Mr. John Denora, --------, George Vine, Roberta Penney, Diane Gregory, Irene HIghfield, Art Went, Brian Babb, ------

2nd row: ------, ------, -------,Rita Doherty,Brenda Fielding, Linda Alexander, Margaret McDonald, Carol Lalanne, Galeanne Taylor,

Front row: Alan Kerr, Alan Kinsey, ------, Carl Jorgenson, Warren Snowden. Ralph Bennett

Sandy R.

Dear Marston,

Attached is John Denora's Grade 7 class; my first year at Royal George. When I removed it from my album, luckily I had written everybody's name on the back because I would have had trouble identifying a couple of people.

Back Row: Barry Reeves, Melvyn Stone, Billy Dunlop, Philip Levington, Roy Rootes, Ronnie Moores, Charlie Comber, Ronnie Thurston.
Third Row: Teacher John Denora, Ronnie Mayer, George Vine, Roberta Penney, Diane Gregory, Irene Highfield, Arthur Went, Brian Babb, Norman Morley.
Second Row: Georgia Holland, Ellinda Mayer, Millie Henry, Rita Doherty, Brenda Fielding, Linda Alexander, Carole Lalanne, Galeann Taylor.
Front Row: Allan Kerr, Allan Kinsey, David Harding, Johnnie Dorais, Karl Jorgensen, Warren Haltini (aka Snowden), Ralph Bennett.

I remember Denora sending Georgia and Ellinda out of the room to wash off their make-up. They were at least a year older than most of us, so I guess they felt they had the right.

Linda A-LaR

Thanks Linda
Another fun pic

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