Monday, October 22, 2007

Let the Office Wars Begin.....

Well Gentlemen the gauntlet has been dropped,

Here is a photo of my orifice taken Sunday, October 21st 2007 at 12: 14 AM. As you will note, I too log on to the blog regularly. My Teddy Bear, Mr. Bacardi, seems to have lost one of my eyes.

Sew if I strt to slr mi wurds bare with me.. specialy the ladies..... the lottery billet to the rite was found on the chemin. J'ai gagner. 40.00 dollars.

The yellow thingy on my desk is an infrared camera... I find wet spots.... in roofs......

Normand, I suggest you clean your office/orifice so it looks more like mine....

Bob H.
PS Mr. Bacardi and I are going upstairs to wake Pat and see if tonight is the night. If it is not, then my funeral will be on Wednesday.

Bonne nuit mes amis

Thanks Bob
Take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning…..

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