Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Looking For Gerald & Ralph Robertson

Marty, your last batch of three photos included one of Ralph Robertson.The following will shed some light in case some people are wondering who he was. Ralph along with his older brother Gerald and the late Herb Simons,a full-blooded Mohawk, were foster children of the Saunders family who lived on Parker.

The Saunder's own two children(I could be corrected if there were more) were Art and Glen. Glen had one deformed leg,a result of Polio I think, and walked with a special boot and leg brace. Ralph was my age and Gerald and Herb were two years older.

Incidentally Herb and I were in a split gr 5-6 class with Miss Hoyle as our teacher during the 1951-52 school year(top right of the old main building when looking at it from Springfield) In 1952 all three left the Saunders home and nobody knew where they had gone. A year later the problem was solved. My brother Jim and I ended up in Weredale House in Sept. 1953.

The shock of having to leave our house and family was difficult enough but moving into an institution with app. 150 other orphans, children of split families and some who were just too difficult for their families to handle, and a very regimented system, would have proven even more traumatic had it not been for Ralph, Gerald and Herb. Having been residents of Weredale for a full year they had all the knowledge and toughness necessary to make the transition much easier than might have been for Jim and I.

We would most likely have survived the normal test of fire or gauntlet that was the norm for newcomers to "The Home" but not without some "shiners" or bloody noses. Fortunately we were spared some of that as a result of the word being spread that we were under the protection of the three former "Parkers".

Does anyone have any idea of the whereabouts of either Gerald or Ralph Robertson?
Herb and I talked a few times after many many years before he passed away some 16 months ago.

Thanks John
Does anyone have any Idea where the these two guys are???

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