Sunday, October 07, 2007

Message from Our John Riley

Hi Marty,

I haven't communicated in a while because my hotmail has been changed
and I'm still trying to figure it out.

At the reunion it was mentioned to me by more than a couple of people
that they don't like it when only the first name of a person is given
when that person sends you something of interest. It's always bothered me
as well but I'm just as guilty because I often sign John R. I figured
this was the way you wanted it, so I was acting like a sheep and
following the lead of others. From now on I'm going to sign my full name
John Riley. I hope others will do the same, because there are a lot of
people who read your blog that don't know all the people who send things
in. I would appreciate if you put this on the blog so others can at
least think about it as well before they leave off their last names.

Keep up the great work,

John Riley


A few photos have appeared recently that I'd love to put in a book of
photos about the Park. 5 or 6 clear ones were taken at the outdoor rink,
one was a class photo and one was of the store of Harry Smith. I don't
know for sure, but I suspect these photos were sent at low resolution
to you. However for a book they have to be at a minimum of 300 dots per
inch (dpi). I would appreciate if you could send a message to two of
the people who sent them in (I can get the one from Normand Simard) and
re-scan them and send them to me as attachments at 300dpi. If you can't
do this at least tell me who sent them to you and I'll ask them.


John Riley

Hi John,
I post the names that the people send to me. Some don’t include their last initial but I add it to know who sent what. People forget that this is the world wide web and anyone can see what is on this blog.
All you have to do is Google some ones name and it will locate them on this blog. I leave it up to the individual whether they want their last name included with their post. I certainly will not add it without their knowledge.

We did have a case where someones personal information was put on the blog, home address etc and if you googled that persons name all of their personal information came up.

Just thought I would caution people.


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