Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mike Galley Infor.

To me East Greenfield or Croydon are sort of the same.
I am not sure if Mike ever lived in the Park but he was always at the
Tomb's house on Empire when we were kids.
The more I thought of it.. It was probably Mike Galley who George Vine
knew not Gary.
Mike is about our age. Gary is probably only in his 40's today.
Hope that helps...
Thanks Ralph B.

Hi Marty,

Michael Galley's mother was the sister of Mrs.Tombs I believe.He was not the son of any of the sisters.I don't remember Keith ever playing hockey.He was in a very bad accident which left him a paraplegic from the chest down.It hasn't stopped him.He lives on his own and has a good job and keeps very active.Gail and I both worked at the Citizen newspaper.My daughter Cindy and Gail's daughter Darla still work there.Cindy often sees John McConachie.Isn't it a small world.I lived two doors down from the Tomb's family for years in the Park.

Ellen Stone

Thanks Ellen S.

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