Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Millie's Vacation Pics

Well hi Marston,

This is the reason we missed the reunion--looked like it was a nice time--But we were on a beautiful river cruise on the Rhine & Mosel-we visited 5 countries

We started in Basel Switerland,France, lots of villages in Germany, Netherlands,ended in Belguim.

This was a small ship (boat) of 114 passengers very relaxing, casual, really nice,great service,accomadations were comfortable & you were on the ship for 14 days 3 meals a day-- instead of touring on a bus, unpacking everyday,different hotels every other night,this was fantastic way to go.

We had a wonderful guide, Jutta, who is Austrian,her favorite expression was,"an the vine is goood"which we had & tested alot of.

I'll send you a few pics everyday if that's ok with you from each place--I took about 965 pics ( digital) trying to sort them out.

Here's a couple,Cheers, Millie

Thanks Millie McG.

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