Monday, October 01, 2007

A Note About Roger Worthington

Hi Marty,

Just a comment re the information submitted by Linda A La-R about Roger Worthington.

I am not aware that Roger ever lived on Burton. Roger, in fact, lived on the south side of (what was then) Third Street, and four or five houses east of the house In which I lived (#80). Our homes were close enough to each other that we ran a string from my bedroom window to his so we could try to communicate via the string and cardboard cup telephone system.

Roger and I chummed around quite a bit as we shared an interest in model airplanes. We also spent considerable time and effort building a "shack" in the field behind his residence.

Roger, his sister Janet, and his parents were there for at least a couple of years then moved to the USA when his father accepted a job, I believe in Hagerstown, Maryland.



Thanks George P.

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