Saturday, October 06, 2007

Smith's Store memories

Hi Marty,

You asked for memories of Smith's store. I remember going to buy Players plains for my Mom @ 32 cents a pack. Back then 25 cents bought you a whole bag of candies. Some of the same candies are now 1 cent a piece and we would get 3 for a cent. If memory serves 7 cents got you a coke, in a bottle. I honestly don't remember the 1 cent chips. They were 5 cents by the time I moved to Gpk.

Brian remembers his Dad puling them on a tobbogan to Smiths for groceries. He moved to the Park in 1949 when Campbell was dirt tracks with grass in the middle.

Normand , a huge MERCI for all the work you do to keep us informed . John G's pictures of Fairfield in 1911 are something to behold too. If those people could see Gpk. today eh !!!

Keep up the good work guys.
Sandy & Brian

Thanks Sandy & Brian
I agree Normand has brought us a lot of our old home town along with John R.

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