Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some more Reunion Pics

Better late than never!! Pics from Sat night at Reunion..Enjoy!! Gale Anne

1 -Always friends..Bev St. Germain (Morley) and Gale
2 - Seems like yesterday..Beverley Garrett (Jeary) and Gale

3 - Oh those memories!! Sharon Forgarty, Maureen and Janet
4 - Cliff Walker & his bride..Gloria White
5 - Friends...always! Jeannie McShane, Gale, Heather Brooker
6 - Happy Days!! Gale,Penny Tomalty(Love) Linda Alexander, Diane Gregory (McConnachie)
7- Devonshire girls, Carolyn Cobb (Dalgard) Gale
8 - Gum Anyone?? Ralph Bennett and Gale
Thanks Gale S.

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