Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update and Question from Linda for John McC

Dear Marston,

I forgot to mention in earlier e-mail that the other GPk skating rink was the field bounded by Vercheres, Gladstone, Taschereau and Margaret before there was the Miracle Mart, Steinberg's and shopping centre. Very easy access from the Ryes backyard and the Greenberg houses. I recall Richard Paquette, perhaps Karl Jorgensen being involved in C.C.K. game. Who else?

I saw George Vine at Canada Drive-in this a.m. and mentioned Grade 7 photo, so he was going to check it out when he got home. People should look at his website for lovely Canadian paintings:

To John McC., could the mystery girl in your grade 10 picture be a Kipps? Could you also identify the end-men from left to right in the Minstrel Show picture (and any others you recognize)? I think you are second from left in the bowler hat. Anybody else recognize anyone?

Linda A-LaR
Thanks Linda

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