Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who's Man Enough???

Hi Marty,

I guess my little survey today on "Who is man enough to admit......" produced as much interest as todays Ontario Referendum on Mixed Member Proportional (MMP).

I received a 10 percent response to the survey. So without mentioning names I thought I would let you know their remarks when they answered the survey.

#1 - thought that Dancing with the Stars ran opposite the View and he could't miss watching the girls or he would cry.

#2 - watches the W channel and is so in touch with his femine side that it brings tears to his eyes.

#3 - straight out called me a WHOOS (not in picture..... yet)

As you will note there is a third person in the closet. I have yet to recieve a reply from him as he is in Turkey... or was he eating his Dinde.... something like that.... I forgot to save his last email......

Bob H
PS Now you know why I don't attend the reunions... I am in fear for my physical well being.... LOL

PS again..... I will add photos of respondents as they are recieved

Thanks Bob H.

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