Saturday, November 10, 2007

(Retitled) Blog vistor's opinion

I needed to write you regarding today's posting.I found it offensive and upsetting.Today, I attended a memorial service at our school that left me in tears in an auditoriumwith 700 middle schoolers. I sat beside a fellow teacher whose brother was killed in Iraq andmy teaching partner who was in Viet Nam while Vets told hushed students of their experiences.

One old vet turned to the flag and with a sobbing voice talked about seeing the jeep drive into the prisioner of war camp and spotting the American flag and knowing he was free again. Another bluntly told our kids that if they thought killing another human being was like a video game thenthey were sick in the head.

Another who does honor guard at a lot of burials talked about the folding of the flag andthe purple hearts that goes to the next of kin. I think he said we have given out 3600 in the past few years.This wasn't some flaming liberal but the veteran who last year laid the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier lastat the ceremony in Washington and was pround to shake the President's hand.

Having been born and raised in Greenfield Park my life hasn't been touched by war as have many of my friends. So today in an auditorium full of middle schoolers I could only pat the shoulder of a fellow teacher whosat sobbing and mourning the death of her brother in Irag.None of it was about politics.

None of it was about liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans or the media so why introduce that into a blog about the Park. That is what happened to the other blog during the Canadian election.

Blogs can be powerful. You have created a community. I see the pictures of my old friends and love it.

But today was my reaction was the oppositeI found myself angry that my friend's brothers death statistic would be part of a political rant about liberal media and Irag on the Park blog. He was serving America as a Marine, he got out of his armoured vechicle stepped on a IED while taking a leak. By the way his sister, my friend and colleague is left leaning liberal and she honors her brother.

Dave Went I don't mean to rant so but it hit me in the gut. On a more positive note thank you for posting the notice of my brother Arts death on the site a few months back. As a result of your blog we had some wonderful emails from his old friends in the park that came through my sister Barb Carver who write into your blog.

You are doing a great service to all the people whowere scattered around the world in the quiet revolution. Do not ruin it by introducing political commentary especially American politics in a blog mostly read by Canadians.

Dave Went

You are entitled to your opinion

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