Monday, November 19, 2007

Bob H. The Handy Man

Hi Marty,

I have come to the conclusion that God is testing my resolve. In life we wish nothing but the best for our children, especially our daughters. Megan, our youngest, married a wonderful young man.... not perfect.... he does treat her well, is very family oriented, hard working, honest..... but... don't put tools in his hands.

Marty, I know grown men are not supposed to cry... but this boy, with a wrench in his hand... Oh God... he has reduced me to uncontrollable sobbing.

Upon returning from Branson I received a phone call from Megan. They had installed a new faucet and drain on their pedestal sink. "There is a leak at the drain." "Oh by the way, the drain is a little high and the water ponds." Interesting.

"When you get a chance Dad, can you come up and have a look."

I felt a tightness in my chest... what has he done now?

Finally I was able to control my nerves and I went to their place this morning. I told Pat I would be back in about an hour.... I should know better by now... 5 1/2 hours later I walked in .....

I get there and, as usual, he wants to LEARN... OK.... I sit down.... on the toilet... Andy explains the problem..... it leaks at the U-thingy (trap)..... we disassemble the drain pipe...

Uh, why do we have two drain pipes tromboning into each other? I ask.

He says, " After I broke the pipe I had to get a new U-thingy (trap). They gave me one with this nut thing on the bottom (cleanout). The new pipe wasn't long enough. I think to myself " its OK, relax, he's learning".

"What if I put plumbers putty on the threads", he says. "Won't do any good", says I. Patiences Bob.

An hour and a half later, after several failures to stop the leak, he gets out from under the sink and I slip under before he can say anything. "POOF" Theres the problem. The trap cannot sit properly because the pipe is to long.

So I send him to Home Hardware. "Get me a new threaded coupling and we will cut the pipe." He says "Are you sure that will work"? Easy Bob, the tightness in your chest will go away... once he does.

He comes back with the right part.... still wanting to do it himself.... how else will he learn?

He starts to saw off the ABS pipe just above the old coulpling... HELL NO... "Andy, why are you cutting there????? Damb wrong end. " Do you think I cut right through" "Yes Andy" Oh God I feel weak.

Back to Home Hardware... buy a new U-thingy (trap)

Glue the pipe together, reassemble the drain and .... it still leaks.... "Andy did you tighten the cleanout nut" He says " Whats that?" "I reply " Its the nut thingy underneath" Oh God I am talking like him...........

He tightens the nut thingy... no leaks... Hurray

He pushes the pedestal back into place... the sink drops and the pedestal chips..........

Megan looks at me and says " Thats why he needs supervision". "Its OK Andy, now we can get a new pedestal sink".

God Bless her she is a patient woman. definitely not like her mother.

Bob H

Thanks Bob
Good that you are a Handy Man

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