Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bob's Vacation Pics

Good Morning Marty,

We're back. The trip to Branson was really great even though the drive was long. Our friends Pauline and Harry have 3 time shares and set up the trip. Harry's itinerary brought us through the Buffalo crossing and down to I-70 thru Indianapolis, St. Louis and into Branson.

A 3 day drive that actually could have been done in 2 but Harry doesn't drive at night.

As you can see from the attached photos the weather was beautiful. We managed to see 3 shows in Branson. Legends, Acrobats of China and Jim Stafford. We also got in a trip to Cosmic Cavern in Arkansas for some spelunking. Well sort of. It was actually a tour of a cavern that is pretty rustic in its access.

Legends is a show performed by various imitators of stars such as Reba, Lionel Richie, the Blues Brothers and Elvis. You have to have an Elvis impersonator. Most of the Acrobats of China were children around 12 to 14 years old.... amazing.

Jim Stafford.... what can I say.... he is probably the funniest man I have ever watched perform.... his real life anecdotes have you splitting a gut.

Cost of 3 shows for 4 people.... 12 tickets....... = $ 131.00

You can't have more fun for any amount of money than that.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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