Friday, November 09, 2007

Hello For Lynda

HI Marston:Wow that was a surprise to see my Birthday on the Blog this morning. Thanks for the warm wishes.

I would also like to say HI to Lynda Jenkins and hope she remembers me from Third Street.

Also that black cat at the camp reminds me of the one we have here in the backyard. Which is also Black with a bit of white on his chest. You cant get near him at all, as soon

as we open the door he jumps right back over the fence.

But he sure knows where to come to get food. He lived all last winter in the back somewhere and probably willlive through another winter out there. We have tried many of times to catch him in a cage to bring to the SPCA, but he is a very smart wild cat.


Thanks Barb

This little guy comes to my wife but only after about a month of her feeding him. We will try to keep him fed throughout the winter.

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