Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Intercepted E-mail....!!

Hi Marty. the attached is pretty much self-evident. Cliff Walker sent it to me and John Riley and John suggested that it might be a good submission for the blog. I checked with Cliff to get his approval and he said yes so long as it was made clear that this was his musings in an e-mail to me so here it is and yours to do with as you will .

Thanks JMcC

Hey Mac,Just perusing the Blog and saw the ref. to death of Dinty Williamson. Then checked the Gazette..which I read this morning and always check the obits., but missed this one. Why? because I didn't really know him. But certainly knew about him ... and the other "bikers": Johnny T., Paul C., George & Eddy Massey.

These guys were on the "cutting edge of cool" in their day. Certainly in GPk and territory.Us youngins' simple admired them for their "cool" and aloofness.Why do I bother addressing this issue? Perhaps because when I read the obituaries of people from our past, however remote, it sometimes strikes a chord... that sings all the clich├ęs such as: life is short....fragile...not-for-ever...and another chapter is closed.

It's often about our own vulnerability and mortality.You and I and our immediate kin have experienced the devastation of loss close to us. So why should the death of someone remote to our immediate life have an effect on us more than, "that's too bad". Perhaps it's a loss of our past...our recollection of what life was ...when we were young and impressionable and reckless and in awe of those ahead of us who were tough, cool and athletic.

It was their image and example that we aspired to emulate. And often, the lessons taught were lessons hard earned. Ironically, they helped shape our lives without knowing it.The more we live...the longer we live... the more "life" slips away.All we can do is make the most of each day and be thankful for all that we have rather than regret all that we've lost.Eras come and go and silently slip away. It's living "the day" that takes courage.

One doesn't do it alone. It's with friends that "got your back" and a personal vision of self preservation that carries one forward. Thanks to John Riley for putting this piece of information on the Blog.

Thanks John & Cliff

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