Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Name These Faces..??

Thanks Noreen T.

Dear Marston,

Here are my guesses for today's pics. It helps when you can make out the first names on the photos.

Top: Millie Henry, Red Drummond??, Billy Bodnarok
2nd: Steve ??, ??, ??, ??
3rd: Sharon Robinson twice, Diane Kobuke, Harry Cobb
4th/5th: David Jeary, Noreen's older sister ?? Brenda, Barbara Valentine
5th: Sharon Robinson again, Galeanne Taylor, Karl Jorgensen.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Hi Marty,

This one is a little tougher.

Top row: Millie Henry, Red Drummond ? , ?????
Next row: Steve Messner,
Next row: Sharon Robinson, Sharon Robinson, ?????, Harry Cobb
Bottom row: David Jeary, Galeanne Taylor ,Millie ??, Sharon Robinson, Galeanne??? Karl Jorgenson ??


Thanks Sandy & Linda
Millie H - Red D.- Billy B.- Steve M- Elaine M- Mike B- Stanley S-Sharon R-
Sharon R- Diane K - Harry C - Brenda B - Barbara V - David J - Sharon R -
Gail-Ann T - Karl J.

Thanks Noreen

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