Monday, November 19, 2007

New Blog Visiter


Just found your blog this morning while searching the Net (looking for some old GFP friends) and had to write and thank you.

I lived in GFP from my birth in 1958 until around 1978. I don't live far (St. Lazare, just off island on the way to Ottawa) but I still miss the park and have wonderful memories of my childhood there. My paternal grandparents lived on St. Charles on the corner of Murray. My family grew up first on Churchill (right beside the old bus station) and then on the corner of Devonshire/Victoria and Allan.

Anyway, your blog brought back great memories and made my day.

One last note: I would love to buy numerous copies of the History of Greenfield Park for Xmas presents. Please advise how I go about doing so.



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Thanks Wayne for your kind words,

I hope you have some things to share with us...

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