Saturday, November 24, 2007

Park Players

Marty,Tonight the Park Players put on three wonderful one act plays to a packed house at the Rene Veillet Centre on Park Lane St. in the new part of Greenfield Park. The three plays were: Admit One written by Elyse Nass, God's Spies by Don Nigro and Life After Elvis by Jason Milligan. Admit One, directed by Michael Finch, with a cast of two, Wendy Altona and Brian Stuart, was a play about two lonely people whose meeting is the result of an ad in a newspaper. The two actors played their parts very convincingly.God's Spies directed by W.R. Kalyniw was an amusing play about two guests on a religious T.V. show, who each put on convincing southern accents. Robert Morin and Sara Cleary, had many lines that had the crowd laughing, while Loretta Julien, the serious host, played her part perfectly.Life After Elvis, directed by B.J. Grant ,had quite a few surprises, with Elvis played by Marc Pigeon, carrying the day with his hilarious Elvis impersonation.The show plays for one more night, November 24th at 8:00 P.M. and I highly recommend it to anyone who missed the first two nights.If plays aren't your thing you could drop over to Scotyz tomorrow night for a spaghetti dinner and dance in support of the Christmas basket fund.Greenfield Park is showing its best this weekend.John Riley

Thanks John

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