Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pic of Wayne's Parents. Name the Store behind them...

Here's my favourite photo of my parents, Arthur Caverly and Madeline Morgan, both from the park. They were married in 1950 so I'm assuming this is a late 40's photo. I'd love to know which store they were outside of and where it was located.

Bye the way, ordered 3 copies of the history of GFP book for xmas gifts.



Wayne Morgan Caverly
President, Caverly Consulting Group
Consultant, published author, and internationally recognized speaker on issues of pharmacy automation, pharmacy design, and pharmacy re-engineering.

Caverly Consulting Group:
- Management consulting
- Efficient Pharmacy Solutions
- Solutions by Design
- The Efficient Pharmacy Institute

Bus: 450-458-7699
Fax: 450-458-1766
Management consulting for small and medium size businesses.

Efficient Pharmacy Solutions is a consulting firm with a mandate to help North American pharmacists improve their practice through pharmacy design, selection and implementation of outpatient technologies, and re-engineering of pharmacy processes. Efficient Pharmacy Solutions can help you ensure your investments result in maximum financial & operational performance.

Thanks Wayne,
Let’s see if someone can name the Store in the pic…

Dear Marston,

Is the store in Greenfield Park? By the maturity of the trees, it could be anywhere in Montreal area where churches would go for Sunday school picnics: e.g. St. Helen's Island near original pool, Calumet Beach near Oka, Crystal Beach at Cap St. Jacques on the West Island.

Linda Alex-LaR. (aka Jane Marple - Agatha Christie's female dick)

Thanks Linda,
I believe the pic was taken in the Park, hopefully Wayne will clear this up for us…
Thanks for running the photo of my parents. I guess I just assumed the photo was taken in the Park but I agree it could have been taken anywhere. Makes the search all the more exciting!

Got the copies of the History of GFP yesterday and it's a wonderful book. I'm going to order a few more copies for more GFP friends!



Thanks Wayne

Morning Marty,

I downloaded the photo of Wayne Caverly's parents and enhanced the picture. I noticed the sign at the roof gable. It reads "Gurds", I assume that is "Gurds Ginger Beer" but I am not sure. The family name Gurds was popular in Montreal at that time. The photo scan is not done at a high enough resolution and, as you blow it up, the photo picsules distort the words at the bottom.

As Linda A.-La. says, it could be anywhere in the area. I have hundreds of family pictures dating back to the 1850's that I was told by my elders were taken in one location that turn out to be in a completely different place.

I have found that family history gets tempered by time and those that hold the knowledge will take literary licence when telling the story. As time passes the story changes.

Bob H
P.S. I have also learned that a mans version differs from that of a woman however her version is the accurate one...... no matter how altered it is.

Thanks Bob H.

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