Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

Hellooo Hellooo !!
Hi,,, Hope that you are keeping well !!
November 11th is coming soon,,A time to Remember,,,and I have sent this to some of my relatives and friends !!
It's really old,,,recorded about 1939 or 1940,,,with scenes of WW-1 in the video,,& With the Original audio,,,

Remembering all the Soldiers And Sailors,,,and Their Family's ,,,at a time of despair,,and not much hope for
the future,,,These were very bleak & very uncertain days for the world !!
You may have to listen to it 2 or 3 times to understand it !!
Get out the Kleenex !!
Our wish for You is,,,
To Live in Peace and with Hope !! God-Bless !! She & me,,,,

Click on the Link Below...

Well Hello,,Hello !!
Your Parents And Grandparents May Remember this,,,But it's still Relevant Today !!
This may take a few minutes to download,,,but it's worth it !!!

As Hank May Say,,,

"I Proudly Dedicate This Song To All The Soldiers And Sailors Everywhere,,,,And To Their Family At
Home Supporting Them And Waiting For Their Safe Return,,,,,May God Bless Them All !"

A Mothers Prayer !!

"And In The Morning We Will Remember Them !"
Thanks John G.

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