Thursday, November 15, 2007

Strange Vacation Pics

Hi Guys,

Here are some unusual photo's taken while in Cosmic Cavern. In the first one I have super-imposed photo's that were taken from different angles and by two different camera's by two individuals. The second photo is an original. as is the third which was taken from a different angle.

The super-imposed photo's on the left were taken by Harry on a Kodak DX6940 digital camera while the one on the right was taken by Pauline using a Canon Power Shot A530 digital camera.

When blown up it looks like a fish in the centre of the glowing object in the photos. I am not sure if there was a light bulb in the background or not. The photos were taken early on in our tour and the only place that I remember as being back lit was at the end of the tour.

At first I thought it was a blemish on Harry's lens but Pauline's photo shows the same phenomenon.

Weird shots.... but interesting

Bob H
Thanks Bob H.

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