Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Willie the Ferrell Cat (Update)

Hi Folks,
We just want to let you know what is happening with Willie. As we have reported, Willie came to our RV in late Aug at the RV Park and was very wild. Well over time my wife was able to tame him a little each week.

At the end of Oct. we had to leave him at the RV Park but we decided to keep him fed. We took him food every 6 days and put the food in his shelter. All went well until it got colder.

It was getting harder to leave the RV Park as he would follow us halfway out of the Park. So we decided to feed him on Friday 23 and if he looked stressed, we would take him home and give it a try.

Well here he is in one of our spare rooms and doing just fine. He is doing his business in his litter boxes without any mistakes. (Our Biggest Worry).

The next step will be the Vet to check his health and then try to introduce him to the other 2 cats we have.

We will post his progress from time to time.

Marty & Lou

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