Sunday, December 23, 2007

1947 Christmas

Morning Marty,

How did you like our 1947 Christmas tree? What a skanky looking thing. It looks like your typical pine tree and note how the electric heater is placed strategically by the tree to help dry it out. Can you say fire hazard?

Every year we would make the trip to the corner tree lot to select the tree. Dad would walk around with the man while Roz and I would play in the snow. It was usually after dark, the lot was lit with spotlights. The wind had died down and the smell of pine lingered in the air.

As usual Dad would ask the man, "How much are the Scotch Pines"? "Five dollars sir", the man would reply. Dad would stand there contemplating whether or not to splurge and finally he would say, "I think we'll take this regular pine".

Dad and the man would hoist the tree onto the roof of the car, tie down the tree and we would head home. Dad would shake off the snow outside then drag the tree into the living room. He would stand it up to show Mom and she would stand back, look at the tree and say, " Oh for Christ sake Ernie you did it again". "It's too damn tall for the living room.

Dad would head out to the back stairs with the tree, get out the saw and cut it down.

Now tell me, "how pretty would you look after being cut down in the forest, tossed on the roof of a car, driven home at 30 miles an hour, shaken on a front balcony, dragged into a warm house, stood up in a room to short for you, then dragged down the hall, through the kitchen to the back stairs, the bottom one foot of your trunk sawed off, dragged back to the living room stood up once again only to find out that your owner had not cut you down enough and the process had to be repeated".

Finally he would get it right and the tree would be set up in the living room. Mom would start the decorating process. Roz would help as best she could while I put the tinsel on the lower branches. Once decorated Dad would stand on a chair and place the Angel on top and Mom would say, "The tree is still too tall", " The Angel is tilted".

Dad would get out his trusted saw and cut the "Damn top off". Finally the tree was completed.

We would all stand back, look at that skanky tree, and think, "My God that is the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen".

Bob Hawkins
Thanks Bob

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