Monday, December 17, 2007

Bob's Christmas Party

Hi folks,

Each year we have a Christmas Party with 35 to 40 of our close friends and relatives in attendance. You can imagine how crowded it is when you live in a small townhouse such as ours.

The new basement really made a difference. The little ones were in the Family room with loads of toys and a few parents while the main floor was filled with senior citizens and a few in their 30's/40's.

Threats of a major storm did reduce the number of attendees to 32 but it still felt like 62.

The pictures are, of course, some of the grandchildren all decked out in their Christmas outfits that Pat purchased while in Branson.

The first is Jack and Abby with parents Brad and Tracy. The second is Connor and mom Megan, husband Andy is in the kitchen pouring rye and ginger for Brad and himself. Every other year they have had a beer, not this year, the 2 louts drank all my rye and I had to send out for more.

A great time was had by all.... except Megan and Tracy who had to drive home.

Merry Christmas to all,

Bob & Pat Hawkins

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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