Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Greeting and Comments

Dear Marston and everyone out in GPK Blogland,

Here are my two favourite Christmas messages received recently:


For Normand S., that other flag at Canada Motel is the Montreal flag of the four founding nations. In the four quadrants are the English rose, Scottish thistle, Irish Shamrock and French fleur-de-lis.

For Millie Henry and Galeanne Taylor: Now that Millie is collecting her OAP, I, too, will never catch up, and Galeanne was born on Friday, October 13/44, one day before yours truly. There is a "girl" at St. Lambert Curling Club whose birthday is also October 13/44 and it bugs her whenever I introduce her as being older than me.

I put out a call for the nerds of GPk and only Ivan Rhodes responded on the piano lesson issue? I am awaiting a response from Lilian Soomet/Puist. After buying/reading John Riley's book and upon meeting him, I said it was very heavily weighted to the jock side of high school and town life and needed some nerd/academic input. He challenged me to submit something, but I need some ammo.

Re: the motorcyclists picture across the street from GPk United Church (according to John McConachie). This brings to mind a wedding I played for in the summer of 2002. Denis Thornton, the minister of GPUC from 1986 to Sept. 2001, had contracted to perform a wedding ceremony in 2002, but he retired to Bangor, N. Ireland in October 2001, so it was left to the interim minister, Elke Meihnert, to conduct this service.

Elke's husband came up from Rockburn to view this wedding as he figured it would be interesting. It was a wedding of a couple belonging to the Nomads of Hell's Angels. Before, during and after the service, the police drove by every 10 or 15 minutes, as there were 12-15 Harleys' parked across from the church.

The wedding guests were very well behaved (better than some regular churchgoers), there was plenty of black leather attire, spruced up with silver or gold threads, etc. At the end of the ceremony, the bride whipped off the bottom of her long gown (with the benefit of Velcro) to reveal white billowing bloomers and white silk stockings, then she donned a white helmet with a veil cascading from the back and the wedding party and guests exited to their bikes across the street.

Their cavalcade drove north on Springfield to Churchill and then south on Victoria. When I arrived home, hubbie Jean inquired "was that the wedding you played at?" as we are two houses in from Victoria on Allan and of course everyone heard the roar of over a dozen Harleys and honking. A most interesting hour on a Saturday afternoon!

One suggestion - could remitters to the blog put their full names every so often (once a month or a quarter), as there are constantly newcomers to the blog and we don't all know who for example Doug G., etc. might be? Thx.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

Linda Alexander-LaRoche

Dear Marston,

I noted that the second Christmas message address didn't work, so I am reforwarding this.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Dear Gang,

I don't think the earlier e-mail worked so putting file name below:

I hope I got it right. At bottom of picture, a menu pops up with various countries to select.

Merry Christmas, Linda.

Thanks Linda

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