Sunday, December 16, 2007

John McC's child's sleigh

Hi Marty, after my story in the blog this morning I received four e-mails about the sleighs I made for my grand kids including a request for a photo. Well here is a picture. To clarify I made the sleighs ,one each year for three years as the grand kids came along. The sleigh is constructed totally of one inch oak.

The upper sides and back are attached by toggles and removeable as one piece. Sides on when the child is young and can be pulled by a parent and then removed as the child is old enough to use for sliding down hills laying stomach flat on the sleigh.

There are no metal runners just the wood which is waxed regularly. I got the plans from Lee Valley Tools,a fantastic store for handymen/women, do-it-yourselfers gardeners , with headquarters here in Ottawa.

They offer superior quality products and superior service and I would recommend them to anyone without reservation. their website address is JMcC

Thanks John

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