Monday, December 03, 2007

New Family Room (Nice)

Hi Marty,

Well we are almost completed the family room in our basement. It has been a slow process. I HATE drywalling. Framing, electrical, plumbing and tiling no problem, but drywall......

As you can see I have the doors left to do. I will make them myself since most are not standard sizes. Space and obsticles were an issue.

The Christmas tree is already up as is the one in the livingroom. We call this one the "Remembrance Tree". The decorations were Pat's and my parents, grandparents and handicrafts that Roz made each year. Some of the ornaments are over 80 years old.

The plastic Santa boots under the tree were our kids boots, rather than a stocking.

As much as I feel the true meaning of Christmas has been lost and I tell Pat that I hate the season..... the memories this tree keeps alive are wonderful.

Maybe your other readers should take pictures of their tree and tell us what memories they have of this season.

Bob H

Thanks Bob
Good Work…!!

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