Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Old 1952 Photo (Few Names Possible)

Hi Marston:

Cosie MacDonald gave me this photo and ask me to send it to you.
I don't have any names - on the back of the photo it says Taken December 1952,
Also Photographs - A.L. Barlow, 48 Churchill Blvd.. Greenfield Park, P.Q.
Phone OR-1-1861


Thanks Noreen T

Hi Marty,
in regards to the 1952 photo,

-the blond girl, in the front row kneeling, with the plaid pants looks like Lynn( Highfield) Weir???-the girl in the third row, second one in from left looking to her left, looks like June (Brown)Main ???
-the girl to the right of Santa's elbow looks like Barbara Ridewood ???-the girl to the right of Barbara looks like Roberta Penny???
Thanks Denise E.
A few More.....Behind Lynn Highfield is Moe HoldenBehind and to right of Moe is Phil WhalenBeside Phil on his right is Johnny Rudge ... to his left is Richard Chapman2 places left of Phil is Art WentGirl in Centre with Glasses is Doreen JearyTo the right end of Doreen's row are Irene Highfield and Gardner ( Judy or Jean??)That's it for now.Ralph
Thanks Ralph B.

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