Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recycling is driving people insane...!!!

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,

How naive can you be??

This is a program run by civil servants..... for civil servants.You may think it is for recycling but we all know it is a job creation program for the City Unions.You are not alone in Burlington....In Ancaster we had great service... 16 years at our site..... then we were amalgamated into Hamilton.

Being a big City now they went to tender and awarded the contract to a New Recycling Service because they got it cheaper.Two weeks after the contract was awarded we were informed we would no longer have it picked up at our Townhouse door but we would have to take it to the street as the truck could not get in our driveway and they felt it was a safety issue.

I phoned city hall and spoke to Abdulla and was informed that the Collection Company said it was a safety issue and in Hamilton Safety was the top priority of the service.I told him I thought recycling was the purpose of the exercise and that safety was just a concern.

I asked him if he had been to our location to see the area. He said no he had been too busy but contractors don't lie.I gave Abdulla my address and invited him to come visit us. To my surprise he did.When he got there I had myself, The board of Directors of the condo and our Alderman there to greet him.

Long story short we once again have pickup at our door.We must still however bring our garbage to the curb. Same size truck but their contract says we don't do Condos.!!!The City about 2 yrs ago, delivered green bins to our doors for recycling kitchen waste. but these are picked up by the garbage guys so we must bring these to the street after 7:00 pm and pick them up by 4.

Needless to say no one is using them.Mine is a tool box for all my gardening supplies.Note: These green kitchen recycling carts are normal garden variety. There must be 1000 suppliers across North America who make them. Ours, however, came from Italy. I guess it's just a coincidence that the mayor at the time was an Italian....He lost the last election and I guess he is corrupt enuff to surface in Federal Politics..

He will carry the Liberal Banner in Stoney Creek ( AKA Tony Creek ) in the next election. He should fit right in with his conviction for election violations. A certainty for cabinet!!Hell if he learns French he can be P.M.

That's it.... Rant over!!!

If U let it get to you you will go insane....... I'm already there so it's not a problem.

Merry Christmas


Thanks Ralph B.

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