Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sandy's Grandparents old Home

Hi Normand,

Thank you so much for going to the trouble of finding the house my grandparents lived in on Notre Dame.It looks exactly as I remember it looking. I wonder if the inside is still as nice as I remember it being. There were french doors between the living room and dining room and a claw foot tub in the bathroom. I am sure that has been changed by now but as a kid I thought it was so nice.

Now as for free passes to the submarine races, I think they would have been more likely to get me a free pass to the convent across the street. Remember I was a bit of a wild child. ( for the times) I was tame by modern standards.

Yeah , imagine not being able to buy a May West in Ontario. I have also not been able to buy La Belle Fermiere sausages. Do they still make them ? I also bought some great chili sauce when I was there, and guess what, I can't find it here. It is made in Quebec. I wonder if we just don't follow the free trade agreement !!!

Thanks again Normand for all your hard work.

Thanks Sandy R.

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