Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowed In Can't go to work today boss...!!!

Hi Folks,

Here it is the day after the storm of the decade and the plow has passed for the third time. As you can see in the attached photo's we, in Burlington, got our share.

The first photo is looking north from in front of our house. The second is of our house from across the street. Having learned to drive in Quebec you'll notice that I performed the traditional "through the snow bank manoeuvre" while entering the drive. As we all know us ex-Quebecer's know how to drive in the winter, tabarnak.

And the last photo, what can I say? The city failed to pick up the leaves, again. This is the view from our front step. Guess I will have to shovel out the street drains once again in the spring.

Bob Hawkins
Thanks Bob..

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