Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who Lowered the Bridge ??

Hellooo Winston & Marston !!
Hi Guys,,This your ship ?? Did you duck ??

Winston,,,,You are much better off with your digny !!

Oh,,,yes..." News and Weather"
We are "Enjoying the snow",,,,almost 2 ft, here now,,,at 6;30,,windy and drifting !!
Starting to feel like the little prisoner in "the wizzard " Dig-Dig-Dig !!!
Gotta' talk to Bernie,,,We Will have to change the name of our town to :
Whitefield Park !!
Going out to look for Normand,,,I think His Manhole has been covered by the snow plow !!!
Probably can't get out,,,,,wouldn't want the man to get cabin fever !!!

Winter is really setting in !! What happened to Global warming ?? john g.

-------Original Message----
Subject: Fwd: Major Ship Damage

P.S. I had nothing to do with this ship.
I only wreck cars,,,, john,,

Thanks John G.


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