Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bob the Baby Sitter

Well here I am babysitting Abby once again. Right out of the gate she wants me to read to her so, we sit on the chesterfield and read her new book, a monthly subscription from our daughter Megan. The book contains various informative stories and of course there are the inevitable dumb kids jokes.

She goes to the back of the book and says, "read the jokes Poppa".

The first one is "How does a pig get to the hospital"... "By Ham-bulance".

So I say to Abby, "Ham comes from Pigs you know" she frowns and says indignantly, "I know Poppa" .... as if I am a senile senior.

Then I say to her, "If ham comes from pigs where do hamburgers come from"? She scrunches up her face in thought and says, "McDonalds".

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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