Friday, January 18, 2008

Churchill & Empire

That picture from Normand is one I have in my personal story book. Churchill and Empire is correct Normand as a matter of interest, I used to wait in " La caban:" on cold windy days for the Southern County buggy to arrive. You can see it just around and behind on the left side of the railway car. (I lived 3 houses down Empire, right hand side.)

La Caban is where they used to drop off the Gazette news paper that I had to deliver at 5.30 A.M and then spend the rest of the week trying to collect. It was bound up in copper wire. That wouldn't stay there very long today would it? It was the mid 40's and one side of Churchhill Blvd. was still unpaved.

Tracks ran right down the middle. Lots of accidents when the train crossed Taschereau inspite of the ringing and clanging of the bell and flashing light. Eventually they put in a drop arm and that helped. Taschereau was concrete slab surface which caused the vehicles to make a " ca-bump, ca- bump" rhythem. didn't have to look at the speedometer to know how fast you were going, you could hear it. Once you left the crossing at Churchill, there was nothing but fields al lthe way to the coner of Devonshire.

Small cluster of buildings there than nothing until Laprairie. There was a small swimming pool on the left side just after you entered Laprairie and some of us used to gather there where the swimming hole on River Side Dr in St Lambert got too crowded, polluted or stuffy to allow us in. There was a long wall between River side Drive and the water.

The road side had a gravel path walk with benches. To access the water, you had to go down under it through a walk way. Then if you were lucky, for free you got to swim in the sewage floating down from Laprairie. great memories.

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