Friday, January 25, 2008

Did You Have a Raggedy Ann???

A fun day yesterday for me at Magnolia Manor with the seniors that I
wanted to share with you all.
Picture P2090097 is Magnolia Manor a home for older adults.

I spend one day a week doing a craft with the seniors at the Magnolia
Manor in Georgia; ladies and a few gentleman from the ages of 70 to 100.

Yesterday I have fun day doing a little Raggedy Ann and Andy valentine
project that they could put on your fridge door or wear it.
So enjoyable for me hearing the many stories from the seniors as they
talked and laugh about their Raggedy Ann or when they gave their
children a Raggedy Ann doll. One gentlemen said to me I did not have a
Raggedy Andy but I still have some of my train collection, he than
invited a few of us to come on Friday and see his now small collection.
He along with his wife live at the manor.

I brought a few things along with me from my collections to share with
them, also a picture of Darla holding her Raggedy Ann I had made her
many years ago. Darla is the administrative assistant at the manor; they
did enjoyed seeing and teasing her about the her baby picture.

Once a month for the 6 months I'm in Georgia I prepare 2 blanket a month
from the polarfleece fabric for them to tie; last year they gave 12
blankets to the boys home. After Christmas the boys came over to thank
them and also to help take down and put away all the Christmas
Picture P2080042 is one of the tie blankets.

Yesterday I forgot to charge my batteries so I don't have pictures of
them doing the Raggedy Ann craft.

At one time (many years ago) my sister Shirley and I also taught crafts
to the ladies at the "Busy Bee's" in Greenfield Park. Scan0028 taking
after the Santa parade.

Bear Hugs also Raggedy Anne Hugs,

PS.... I did meet Kim Gruelle the great grandson of Johnny Gruelle who
signed my plate I received at the October 2003 convention in Charlotte,
NC that I attended by myself dressed in the first style of Raggedy Ann's
dress for the costume contest. It was the first Raggedy Ann dress that
John Gruele had designed. PB260543 is the design.
Sorry no picture of me. Ha-ha

John Gruelle also wrote another one of my childhood favorites Little
Orphant Annie.
He wrote the stories about Raggedy Ann for his daughter who fell ill and
died in her early teens in 1916. Marcella's Stories... Published in
1929, was Johnny Gruelle's way of healing his own grief and greatest
effort to put his feeling for his daughter on paper. He passed away in
1938 a year before I was born.

For you who may be interested, each year in Arcola, Illinois they have a
Raggedy Ann & Andy Festival.
This year it's in June.

Enjoy your day,
Life is beautiful.

Thanks Bev V.

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