Monday, January 21, 2008

Fond Memories

Morning Marty, I'm sitting here with a cup of tea, reading the blog and looking out my office window at a beautiful, bright, sunny , -19C ( 2 below zero on the Fahrenheit scale which would not have deterred us a whit in the old days) wintry day and catching up on your postings.

I too had some computer problems this week. My PC gave up the ghost ( fan stopped and power supply unit burnt) and I had it in for some serious upgrading,new fan, power supply , extra memory, extra hard drive,dvd burner,but I did retain my XP operating system because I don't have a lot of faith in the Vista OS. Not bad for an old guy who at one time vowed not to get too involved with all this electronic stuff.

Any ways following are some personal responses to some of the recent postings:

(1) To young Normand Simard pic#2, the third building back on the right side of your M& SC train picture was, in the late forties/early fifties, a store owned by George Savard. I can't remember too many details about the store but as an amateur "bird-watcher"
I do remember that George had a daughter named Gail who was,in the vernacular of the day a "looker" . Tall, reddish- brown hair I think and winter carnival queen in 1957 according to John Riley's "History of Greenfield Park" book.

(2) Caughnawaga photo-- In the mid-fifties, tour buses which began their journey at Dominion Square(Peel and Dorchester) would take tourists over to Chief Poking Fire's museum after a stop at the Midgets Palace(Cherrier Street in Mtl) . My Mother took Jim and I on one of those trips.

(3)Waterman's-- My Dad had one of those Waterman's "lever-pocket,self-filler" fountain pens. I remember it very clearly, a combination black and grey coloured beauty which I admired and was allowed to use from time- to- time with my fathers supervision. Well, shortly after he passed away my mother called me into the kitchen where she was sorting through some of his personal stuff on the table and said " I'm sure your Dad would have wanted you to have this" and she handed me that grey/black beauty and I had it for 5 years until it was stolen. Have a great day.


Thanks John

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