Sunday, January 20, 2008

Illegal Smokes

Hi Marty & Normand,

When I was a kid I had relatives that lived in Chateauguay and we used to have to go through the reserve to get there. I remember all the little trailers that sold smokes and I remember the teepee in the picture on the postcard. We live only about 15 minutes from a reserve called Curve Lake. The "Smokes" are still for sale although there is a huge rucus going on. The feds are accusing the natives of selling illegal smokes and the chief is saying " Get a squad car at the end of the road and arrest the white man leaving with the smokes" because it is not illegal for them to buy the smokes but it is illegal for them to leave the reserve with them.My prediction is 30 years from now nothing will have changed.


Thanks Sandy R.

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