Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jim's Photo Inspiration

Hi Marty,

The second photo in Jim E's cool pic's looks very much like the valley we flew into on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was a beautiful calm sunny day and we had hired a pilot to fly us over the volcanoes. What spectacular scenery. He then flew us up to Hilo and bacck along the coast.
As we were working our way back to the airport the pilot began telling us about this amazing valley that he hd taken a group from National Geographic into.

He was in the midst of telling us that there were probably only 5 or 6 days a year that the conditions were right for entering the valley in a fixed wing aircraft when suddenly he banked left and said "Today is one of them".
While my photo's are not as spectacular as the one Jim submitted you can see how spectacular the countryside of the Big Island is.

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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