Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking For Old Class Pictures

Hi Marty,

I noticed that Bruce Hollingdrake has put up a link to a 1965 Jubilee yearbook. Over the years I have often wondered if my picture had appeared in the RGHS yearbooks of 1958, 1959 or 1960.
We didn't have much money in those days and I honestly don't remember sitting for a class picture. Buying the yearbook was out of the question, it was an extravagance that we could not afford.
If it appears at all the caption would read "Least likely to get out of Grade 8".
I also have fond memories of Mr. Brown, in spite of his calling my mother and suggesting that in his opinion I should leave school and enter the work force. He would occasional sub as gym teacher and, since he and I had this competitive "who is tougher" thing going, there always seemed to be this challenge of who could get the best of whom.

He was subbing gym class this day and had us leaping over the box off the springboard. It was a two step procedure, first we had to do a swan dive over the box, form was of the essence, and Mr. Brown was the assistant who would catch us. The second stage was to perform the swan dive without the benefit of Mr. Brown and to tuck and roll.

During the performance of stage one I approached the start line, Mr. Brown stood dutifully on the mat at the ready as he had done for those who went before me. I accellerated towards the springboard lept on to the end of the board and was catapulted into the air in a magnificent swan dive. It was the best performance of the day. As I, in what seemed slow motion, descended toward Mr. Brown who was standing on the mat with outstretched arms at the ready..... he suddenly stepped to the left..... I will never forget how quickly that mat came up and hit me smacked in the stomach.

I was wondering if anyone out there has a grade 8 yearbook from '58 to '60, since those were my high school years, could they have a look for my picture. I am the one with the bloody nose holding his stomach.

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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