Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Messages for Ralph & Ed

Hi Marston

Im glad to see that Ralph is finally minding his P's and Q'ewe's. In other words doing something constructive. He is always bugging me about me working and paying for his retirement.LOL

Anyway, last week I got together with Jack Malcom, a friend from Verdun for a BUD. He was telling me about his son who works from home for a US outfit and lives in Morrisonville NY. The town is about 10 minutes south-west of Plattsburg NY in the lower Adirondacks. He has 10 acres of land behind his house and loves being outdoors . At Christmas Jack took some pictures of wild turkeys that live in the woods out back. At night They sleep on tree branches at night to stay away from the wolves. Here are a few pictures. Maybe Ed B can identify the brand. LOL

Thanks Ivan R.

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