Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some News for Bob Hawkins and Ron Moore

Herewith answers to two questions from Bob Hawkins. (1) Yes I remember Ron Moores very well as, I am sure, many others do. Ron was a pretty popular fellow ,he was on the school volleyball and basketball teams and played intramural softball and soccer.
He was also a member of the Students Council( see attached photo) and I think was President in 1960-61.
(2)Attached is a copy of the three grade eight classes in 1959-60. Bob was in Mr Tudors class ---bottom photo-- but must have been in the washroom attending to his bleeding nose when the photo was taken.
(3) There were no yearbooks before the one in 1959-60. That one was produced to coincide with the first ever RGHS grade 11 graduating class.

Thanks John McC.

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