Saturday, January 26, 2008

St Lambert Bowling Academy

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Attached is a clipping from the St. Lambert Bowling Academy circa 1959. They had just converted to automatic pin setters. Prior to that I had worked partime as a pin boy.

Those were exciting times. I was a spare and would fill in whenever one of the other pin boys didn't show up. We would sit on the partion wall between the two lanes and once the player had played his/her 2 balls you would jump into the pit, grab the balls and set them on the ball return. We would then grab the pins by the neck, 3 in each hand step on the pedal to raise the pin positioners and set the pins in place. Speed was of the essence. All this had to be done while keeping your eyes and ears open since those dorks from the next town would throw a third ball trying to hit the pin boy.

Sometimes we would take a pin and, when they turned their back laughing with their buddies, nail them in the back of the legs. Sometimes a fight would breakout.

It was good money in 1956 - 57. A spare got 10 cents a string while a regular got 15 cents. If you were quick and laughed off the errant balls, the players would leave a tip, usually 25 cents per person. Working league nights was really good. If you worked from 4 pm to closing you could make 15 bucks. That was half a weeks salary at South Shore Electric.

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob...

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