Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome Allan...A New blog Visiter

Hello Mr.North

You don't know me, My name is Allan Wright. I lived in the park for many yrs on Eva St and Dakers cresent across from Rob Pelltier.
My cousin Mike Wright ( he's married to Barbara Hewitt, Ralph Hewitt's sister) told me about your website and have enjoyed viewing it over the past few months,especially the old photos from around the park,and the past southshore landmarks.

There are a few places that i don't think have been mentioned on the site, that might bring back a few memories to your readers. For example The Bocage bar on tashereau, The A.W that used to be in front of the GFPK cinema, Towers dept store behind the canada motel, the driving range that was also behind the motel, Miss Chinatown on victoria, Fred Dobson's Texico on victoria to name a few.

There sure has been alot of change over the yrs,and is sad to see these places disappear, but that's progress. When the A.W closed, it became a PIK-Nik, I can remember as a kid, seeing Dave Boxer doing live broadcasts on saturday afternoon from there for CFCF600 radio.Another place was the Bookmark in the GFPK shopping mall, I remember going there to to buy the latest 45's.

If any of your readers have pics of some of these places, it would be nice to see again.
I would like to thank-you for excellent job you have done on this site, and hope that you can carry on with it and correct the virus probs you mentioned you are having.I can be reached at
Allan Wright

Thanks Allan

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