Monday, February 04, 2008

Atwater Market Memories

Hi Marty,

 Its good to see the "Guess the Building" photo inspired many of your readers to submit their memories of this childhood wonder, Atwater Market.  When I first came into this wonderful world of ours my grandmother and grandfather Taylor lived at 844 Egan Ave in Verdun and we spent many a day there.

 As a youngster, whenever I would visit her in Verdun, she would take me on an adventure.  We would hop on the number 8 bus at the corner of Bannyntine Ave and Woodland Ave for our journey to Atwater Terminal where we would transfer to the number 15 and head east along St. Catherine St.  At the corner of University St we would disembark and begin our adventure. Along St. Catherines we would walk, widow shopping at Eaton's, Simpsons and Morgan's.  A little shopping in Eaton's bargain basement was always on the agenda and of course the luncheon ritual at Kresges lunch counter.

 By 1954 Grandpa Taylor had moved out of the house and Nanny worked as a caregiver for seniors earning $35.00 per week to support herself, her rent by this time was $45.00 per month.  On one such adventure, in the fall of 1956, we were wandering around Morgan's looking for a fall/winter jacket for me when I spied this absolutely wonderful buckskin 3/4 coat complete with frill leather hanging from the sleeves.  Davey Crocket was my hero and this, well this jacket was amazing, I mean really, if there ever was the perfect jacket for me this was IT.

 Being the favorite child, Nanny bought me that buckskin jacket. I was so pleased and so typically oblivious as to what it cost her to buy her favorite grandchild that Davey Crocket jacket.  I realize today that it was a selfish jesture on my part afterall , at that time the coat cost $45.00 dollars.  Her love for me cost her one months rent.  It did however give me years of pleasure so I am sure she felt it was money well spent.  I wore that Davey Crocket jacket until the sleeves were about 4 inches too short.  I would walk around holding my arms in such a manner as to make the sleeves appear to be the right lenth.

 Bob H

 Thanks Bob 

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