Friday, February 22, 2008

Can We Get Some Names???

Pic #1

Pic #2

Let's see how many people can be identified.

As well I'd like to identify the girl in the photo I sent about a week ago. It had two girls in front of a baseball backstop. The clue was that one of them was related to one of the Warriors. She was one of the Noakes, I'm not sure which, but I know she's closely related to Donnie Bremner.

As to Doug Garret's comments about the photo of the snowball fight on the corner of Empire and Churchill, I'm not sure of the year, but to me the photo looks like it was taken about 1955.

John Riley

Thanks John
Hi Marty,

Right side team-2nd rw standing
Winn S, Ralph B., N. Morley P. Holingdrake,D Bremner
Back-- red D, George Massey--lots of spaces I don't recognize
Left Team--2nd rw.
4th from left Harry Cobb,
3rd rw.
Gus Richardson, (D.) Claude D.,
Behind --Jim Small, Bob Morley, Len Davis

Thanks Millie McG.

Just a few guesses on latest pic. Back Row: Charlie Comber (2nd from left), Len Davis (middle of row);
Second Row: Flyer Harry Cobb (4th from left), Braves Ralph Bennett, Norman Morley and Wally Robinson (5th, 4th and 3rd from right); and Mayor Lawrence Galletti in front of them toward left.

Close relative of a Warrior in Feb. 11 pic -- Is it Arabella Allardyce?
Always enjoy the old photos. Didn't get much action on the 1959 (?) minstrel show photo I sent in last fall. I know Diane Gregory and Galeanne Taylor are there somewhere.
Linda Alexander-LaRoche

Thanks Linda

Hi Marty,

In the February blog you have a picture of 11 men, some in baseball
uniforms, some in suits. The gentleman standing at the top left in
the jacket, vest, and bowtie is my uncle, John Haladay who was always
known as Chick.

He lived in the Park in the fifties on Regent Street

with his wife Olive, and kids, Darryl and Darlene. His brother, my
uncle Bob, lived in the Park his entire life with his wife Doris, and
son Glen.

They lived on Regent and then on Rolland Crescent. My

grandmother Inger Haladay, my aunt Mary, her husband Bill Hinks and
their kids Marilyn and Billy, also lived in the Park in the fifties
and sixties but I can't remember the name of the street. I lived on
Hollingdrake Terrace in the Park with my parents, Les and Bernice
Haladay, and siblings Fred and Christine from 1959 to 1968.

We were
one of the first families in 'the Terraces". I went to St Edmond's
from 1959 to 1966 and to South shore Catholic High from 1966 to 1968
(not in 1970 as you posted in a previous blog). My brother attended
St. Jude's.

So, as you can see, the early history of our branch of the Haladay
clan, is definitely tied to Greenfield Park.

Judy Haladay

Thanks Judy
Just looked at first picture on blog and I am sure two of these men are my uncles.
left to right front row ? ? ? .Jimmy Smith, ?, ?, Ted Newbury.
Jimmy Smith was living in Surrey,B.C. and passed away in Oct of 2007.....
Ted Newbury still lives on Greenfield Ave, in the Park and is recovering from a heart attack right now.
Elizabeth Newbury.

Thanks Elizabeth

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