Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Challenge for Names

Morning Marty. Good to see Gus back as a contributing editor and I hope to see more of his memories in print. Did you know that He was a cub reporter for either The South Shore News or The Echo back in the late 50's early 60's?

I have a copy of an article he wrote on the first graduating class at Royal George and I will send it along in a couple of days. Thanks to him for recalling some more names of wrestlers from those early days.

The Pop Goulbourn Gus referred to in his missive was the uncle of Abby Sones , and did live with Abby's family, right across the street from us on Murray, for many years. Ted was a pretty good athlete and was the coach ,for a number of years, of the Monarchs Fastball team that was formed just after the Second World War.

Re Normand's mention of Marjorie Pearce, Marjorie and her family including brother Gordie lived on Devonshire next to an empty lot right behind us. Gordie was a great athlete ,one of my heroes growing up and if memory serves , was one of the top either squash or handball players in all of Montreal at one time.

Thanks to Barb Hamilton's update on the Sauve boys. When I was growing up the names I remember from that block of eight houses were. Perras, Dunns(later Williams, Barb was the youngest of three daughters)
Mead,Sauve,Holgate,Loiselle(then Malley) Watmore, Hughes(then Yerby).

Here is a challenge Marty for your readers to come up with as many names as possible of children who lived in that block of 8 houses.

And finally for Normand ,Yes I did frequent the Mocambo on occasion. JMcC
Thanks John

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