Monday, February 11, 2008

Churchill Blvd Comments from Georgia

Over the hill to Button Eyes house a special email delivery from Georgia,

As you Button Eyes can see!!! My job like the police in good old Greenfield Park has almost gone over the hill. Sad to see so many jobs due to humans thinking they know what is best to save or spend money have gone down or over the HILL.

So many human don’t really want to care or want to know about the history of a wonderful old town and think change is best. Sometimes humans are just too busy to think.

Yes, sometimes change is good but not in all cases will it work. With so much money being spent on removing the HILL….. why would they not put cameras there, hire back a few police men and let the juvenile gangs answer and pay for their actions. The removal of the HILL won’t change anything they will just move onto another place to do their juvenile vandalism.

Many times something that looks so yummy like the taste of honey is not the answer.

PS….I’m now wondering where the creators who now call the “HILL” their home will move to???

Oh dear…… think I will go eat some honey, some humans really give me a sour taste in my mouth.

Hugs from Tom, your part time mail man that snow, storms or a HILL will not stop the mail from being delivered also my new trainee who I told should take up another trade.

Thanks Bev V.

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