Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dad's Chores

Hi marty
Just getting caught up on the blog today after a marvelous 2 1/2 hour ride home on Friday afternoon in our latest snowstorm.Usually takes 1hr20min. I think I spent most of the week-end blowing out the driveway. Don't open the blog from home much because it takes so darn long to download. Country life with snail-mail.

I laughed at Doug G's story about the roofing problems and who does the work.
My dad Derek always had something for me and my brother to do on Saturdays. Being his favorite day in the garden and such. Trim the hedge, mow the lawn. Tie nice piles of branches so the garbage men wouldn't complain when they passed our door. etc.

My fondest memories come from Vercheres Street. When I became of legal age to go to Plattsburg with my friend's on Friday night , or just head down to La Source to check out the first show, with Larry LeDuke or Herbie Mead and others. Herbie had a special pass to get us into La Source. Sit in the corner and don't bother anyone was the name of the game. Sometimes it was out chasing where the 'Road Runners' at the Central etc.
But the finale was always getting to our Vercheres town house. Me on bended knee, go upstairs to get some sleep and just before I hit the last step. My father would yell out. " Don't trip". 4.00Am
Saturday. First call was at 6.30am. Pots and pans rattling just below me in the kitchen. 7.00am was the call from the garden. "You go out all night, now you can get up and tie the tomato plants".

Just bending over gave me a headache.
Now I appreciate what I learned from those early days. I love the garden and still like my beer. LOL


Thanks Ivan

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