Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Days in Prince George BC

Hi Marty.........While checking out the Blog this weekend I noticed the photo of the huge tree with the "drive through" hole! Memories - Memories... This got me asking my wife Ann where the Photo Albums of our honeymoon were. We were married at the United Church on Springfield Ave. back in April '68 - Yes, 40 years this spring - That can't be, as Ann tells everyone that she's 39!! Well, anyway, approx. a month after the big day we found ourselves in California Redwood Country - see the two photos that I attach - the one of the white '64 Impala has me at the wheel - These trees are truly amazing - however while being larger at the base, some of the Douglas Firs in B.C. can actually be higher - it helps when it hardly ever stops raining along the Pacific Coast!!

While looking through one album I came across a group photo - let me give you a little background on this one.....My Mom & Dad were at the famous New Years Eve Dance at the "Park" Town Hall ("68/'69) and won the big door prize - $500.00 - a very large chunk of change for them back in those days!! -(for most of us I would imagine). Well with his winnings the two of them came to visit Ann & me in Prince George, B.C. and happened to be there on my dad's 66th birthday Aug 11th/'69, so, of course, any excuse for a party - right?. Although there were other people at the party, the photo attached shows only those who left the "Park" and were at that time living in Prince George, B.C. - There are nine "Ex-Parkers" in the photo - does anyone care to attempt naming them??

Sadly my Dad returned to the "Park" and cancer claimed another victim only six months later - in a way a surprise to everyone as he never uttered a word as to how he was feeling almost to the end!!

Later.......Win.......P.S. by the way, there is still a considerable clan of "Parkers" living in Pr. George. - And who's that dirty old man with his arm around my wife??

Thanks Win

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